Bubble Wrap – 30mm Void Fll Sheets

Bubble Void Fill – Features/Benefits:
• Bubble wrap with perforations to make it easy and efficient to use
• Withstands pressure and cushions against shock and impact
• Flexible material to allow for smaller voids to be filled
• Extra-large bubbles in film for effective cushioning

Bubble Void Fill – Dimensions:
Length = 75m
Height = 1.5m
Roll slit into 5 x 300m sections
Perforated every 300mm
Bubble size = 30mm diameter

Bubble Void Fill – Applications:
• Perfect solution for filling voids in cartons and packages to prevent movement and damage
• Used for general protective packaging applications

Bubble Wrap – 30mm Void Fll Sheets

Code Length Width Slit Perforated Grade Qty Unit Price(Roll) Order Qty(Roll)
03.300 1.5m 75m 300mm x 5 300mm Void Fill Bubble 302l

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