Vertex X40 Twin Arm – Rotating Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine

Vertex X40 – Rotating Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Vertex X40 Twin has the highest pallet wrapping volume capacity of up to 100 pallets per high. This high speed state of the art machine has twin arms which operate at 40 rotations per minute. If you have a high pallet volume and your needing the most efficient and effective pallet wrapping machine available, the Vertex X40 Twin is your perfect solution. Having an exclusive power pre-stretch capacity of over 400%, we can provide a guaranteed stretch film reduction of over 50%. With these fully automated custom inline machines, the options are endless.

Omni Vertex Twin Pallet Wrapper
Omni Vertex Pallet Wrapper Vertex Operator panel
Omni Vertex Pallet Wrapper 3
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Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

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Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

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