Coloured Packaging Tape – PVC 12mm

PVC Tape is a heavy duty packaging tape used in various applications. It has a silent rewind and is a matte finish industry tape,

• Soft PVC tape suitably plasticized and stabilized
• CNS(R.O.C.) listed, matte finish industry tape.
• Anti-abrasion, flexible and resistant to most acids, alkalis and oils
• Silent unwind with strong adhesion especially to plastic products.
• Variety of colours and sizes available
• High tensile strength and adhesion strength
• Moisture resistant
• A lot quieter in application to that of Polypropylene Tape
• Quick release when pulled from roll

• Used for industrial identification, colour coding and bundling
• Carton sealing

Coloured Packaging Tape – PVC 12mm

Code Colour Size Qty/ctn Qty Unit Price(Per Roll) Order Qty(Per Roll)
Best Seller
Black 12mm X 66m 144
62.012BL Blue 12mm X 66m 144
62.012GR Green 12mm X 66m 144
62.012OR Orange 12mm X 66m 144
62.012RD Red 12mm X 66m 144
62.012WH White 12mm X 66m 144
62.012YE Yellow 12mm X 66m 144

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