Gel Dry Chill Ice Packs – Unpadded

Protecta Gel Chill Packs are used to keep products are the required chilled temperatures during transportation. These reusable chill packs are commonly used to move fresh or frozen produce, pre-prepared meals, seafood, pathology and pharmaceuticals. Gel chill packs are a convenient and economical solution for delivering high volumes of temperature sensitive product.

Protecta Chill gel packs are suitable to freeze and refrigerate. Their LDPE outer bag is 100% recyclable with other soft plastics. The non toxic sodium polyacrylate gel inside means they are safe to use with both food and pharmaceuticals.

Protecta Chill gel packs – Features & Benefits:
● Bubble padded
● Non toxic gel
● 100% recyclable LDPE outer
● Custom print & sizing available
● Longer lasting thermal protection than ice
● Suitable for freeze & refrigeration

Gel Dry Chill Ice Packs – Unpadded

Code Size Qty/ctn Volume Qty Unit Price(Ctn) Order Qty(Ctn)
29.205.01 150mm X 150mm 44/ctn 300g
29.220 130mm x 240mm 30/ctn 500g
29.221 200mm x 300mm 15/ctn 1000g

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