Poly Bags X Small (65mm to 100mm Width)

Poly bags, also known as polyethylene bags, are used in a variety applications in many industries. Without confusing you with the term ‘poly bags’, these are just regular plastic bags. This type of bags are the most popular type of general purpose plastic bag.

Custom made sizes and printed poly bags are also available. Contact us to request a quote!

Poly Bags – Features & Benefits:
– Polyethylene bags are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
– Poly Bags are great for its great tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water barrier
– LDPE Poly Bags are also resistant to most corrosive materials.

Poly Bags – Applications:
– Protects products from dust and dirt and moisture
– Closure options – heat sealer, stapled, tied or taped

Poly Bags X Small (65mm to 100mm Width)

Code Colour Length Width Micron Qty Unit Price(Per Ctn) Order Qty(Per Ctn)
30.010 Natural 83mm 65mm 38um
30.025 Natural 100mm 75mm 40um
30.040 Natural 270mm 75mm 50um

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