Orbital Wrapper – Semi Automatic Omni 90

Searching for a wrapping machine that gets the job done? The Omni 90 Semi-automatic Orbital Wrapper is ready to help you out! This medium-sized wrapping machine can easily be added into your already existing in-line processes. This semi-automatic orbital wrapper features dual stretch wrap reels for the spiral wraps, for easy and painless wrapping. Its medium size allows it to wrap an assortment of items like pipes, frames, panels, furniture and many more.

Looking for an orbital wrapper that fits perfectly with your processes? See our selection guide here.

– Adjustable pressers
– Customized programs
– Two stretch wrap reels
– Adjustable rotation speed
– Emergency stop killswitch
– Adjustable conveyor rollers
– Pressure-sensitive foot pedal

Discover what else the Omni 90 Semi-automatic Orbital Wrappercan do for you here!

Orbital Wrapper – Semi Automatic Omni 90

Code Model Type Colour Width Height Qty Unit Price Order Qty
18.605 Orbital Semi-Automatic Black & Red 600mm 645mm

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