Orbital Wrapper – Automatic Omni 160 Plus

The Omni 160 Plus Orbital Wrapper is an automatic stretch wrapping machine designed to accommodate larger items like furniture, doors, wood, panels, windows and other construction materials. Besides its many other benefits, this wrapping machine’s main feature is that it comes built-in with two stretch wrap holders for quick and stress-free wrapping. It also works the best with our spiral wrap.

– Touch screen
– Conveyor belts
– Photocell sensors
– Adjustable pressers
– Customized programs
– Two stretch wrap reels
– Adjustable rotation speed
– Emergency stop killswitch

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Orbital Wrapper – Automatic Omni 160 Plus

Code Model Type Colour Width Height Qty Unit Price Order Qty
18.610 Orbital Automatic Black & Red 1000mm 1086mm

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