Lane Marking Floor Tape – Yellow

Omni’s Lane Marking Floor Tape – Yellow excels at keeping warehouses, packaging centres and the like, organized. The yellow floor tape is often used to indicate areas in the warehouse that need caution to be in. This includes areas like, forklift lanes and other machines' parking areas, spaces with goods in high shelves, and areas that contain potentially hazardous products. The tape's colour is bright and easy to spot, alerting warehouse operators to practice safety when in these areas. Explore its range of applications and benefits below!

Lane Marking Floor Tape – Yellow – Applications and Uses:
• For lane and area marking in warehouses, packaging and fulfilment centres, etc.
• Utilised to colour-code and organize areas in warehouses and other storage spaces
• Can be used in roadwork and construction, to alert passersby to practice safety

Lane Marking Floor Tape – Yellow – Features and Benefits:
Fluid-Resistant – The yellow tape is waterproof and resistant to oil. This significantly helps prevent discolouration and other types of weathering.
Cost-Effective – Unlike permanently painting the floor, the tape provides a fast and easy means of marking areas as painting often requires more time, effort and money.
Sturdy Engineering – The floor tape is manufactured with 150-micron thick PVC and an aggressive adhesive, which makes it perfect for long-lasting applications.

Our Lane Marking Floor Tape – Yellow comes in five standards sizes. If you're looking for one in a custom width, we can do that too! Send us an enquiry and we’ll provide the custom-sized tape you're looking for.

Lane Marking Floor Tape – Yellow

Code Colour Size Qty/ctn Qty Unit Price Order Qty
78.324YE Yellow 24mm X 33m 72
1 Roll (Open)
72 Rolls (1 Ctn)
360 Rolls (5 Ctns)
78.336YE Yellow 36mm x 33m 48
1 Roll (Open)
48 Rolls (1 Ctn)
240 Rolls (5 Ctns)
78.348YE Yellow 48mm X 33m 36
1 Roll (Open)
36 Rolls (1 Ctn)
180 Rolls (5 Ctns)
78.372YE Yellow 72mm X 33m 24
1 Roll (Open)
24 Rolls (1 Ctn)
120 Rolls (5 Ctns)

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