Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap

Protective Paper Wrap is the Environmentally Sustainable Alternative to Bubble Wrap – 100% Recyclable!

Sourced from renewable kraft paper, the Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap presents itself as a sustainable alternative to non-renewable plastic bubble wrap. Its simple and inventive design effectively cushions your fragile goods while in transit. The Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap also interlocks on itself, minimizing the usage of tape, optimizing your packages and decreasing costs. See its other applications and benefits below!

Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap – Applications and Uses:
• Cushioning for breakable and other fragile items.
• The wrap’s attractive design allows for presentation packaging.
• When stacking items in a parcel, the wrap can be used to interleave.

Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap – Features and Benefits:
Damage Protection – is as effective as bubble wrap, ensuring your goods are delivered free of breakages
Sustainable – the Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap is easily renewable, biodegradable and recyclable
Quicker Pack Time – the paper wrap’s design is straightforward and allows for fast usage
Interlocking Design – the hexagonal cells on the wrap cling to each other, eliminating the need for adhesives
Space-Optimal – the rolls the wrap come in are space-efficient, taking up only 20% of the space traditional bubble wrap would
Cost-Reducing – its reduced size and independence from adhesives optimizes your packaging and reduces your logistical costs

Hexcel Protective Paper Wrap

Code Description Colour Dimension W x L Qty Unit Price Order Qty
03.901 Protective Paper Wrap White 300mm x 425m
1 Roll
5 Rolls
10 Rolls
03.902 Protective Paper Wrap Brown 300mm x 425m
1 Roll
5 Rolls
10 Rolls
03.903 Dispenser
Free with Deposit Fee

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