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Filament Tape – Two Way Omni 505

Filament tape is used for heavy duty applications where a very high tensile strength is required because of the fibre glass reinforcement cross woven in the tape. The cross woven fibre glass reinforcement gives this tape extra strength making it impossible to elongate. Omni Filament Tape – Engineered to Perfection.

Filament Tape – Features & Benefits:
• Premium Synthetic Rubber adhesive
• Cross woven Fibre glass reinforcement
• Custom slit to any width
• Manufactured in Italy
• Heavy duty 140um tape

Filament Tape – Applications:
• Used for heavy duty bundling and cartons sealing
• Commonly used by engineering and industrial warehouses

Filament Tape – Two Way Omni 505

Code Size Qty/ctn Code Grade Qty Unit Price(Per Roll) Order Qty(Per Roll)
66.017 18mm X 45m 48 Omni 505 Two Way
66.018 24mm X 50m 36 Omni 505 Two Way
66.019 36mm X 50m 24 Omni 505 Two Way
66.020 48mm X 45m 18 Omni 505 Two Way
66.050 12mm X 45m 72 Omni 505 Two Way

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