Custom Shrink Film Bags

Omni’s Custom Shrink Film Bags are manufactured from high-quality LDPE. It’s heat-activated features allow it to mould itself around your products, creating a tight and secure fit. Learn more about our Custom Shrink Film Bags below!

Custom Shrink Film Bags – Applications and Uses:
• Product protection
• Presentation packaging
• Product bracing

Custom Shrink Film Bags – Features and Benefits:
Damage Reduction – provides a transparent cover that protects your goods from scratches, dirt and moisture
Secure Fit – the tight plastic will secure your products in place, preventing damage caused by loose packaging
High Clarity – the clear and high-quality plastic makes it perfect for point-of-sale product displays

Our Custom Shrink Film Bags are available in 50, 100 and 200um thicknesses. If you’re looking for a bag in a custom size and thickness, send us an enquiry! We also print on shrink film, too.


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