Bubble Bags

Bubble Bags are a cost effective, labour saving protective packaging solution. These bags are made from sheets of bubble wrap which are cut and heat sealed together to make a bag.

Our bubble bags are available in six regular sizes (see below range). If any of these sizes don’t suit your application, please contact us for a quote! We can custom make bubble bags to any required size.

Bubble Bags – Features/Benefits:
• 10 and 20mm bubble options
• Flap and tape closure available to secure contents
• Clear bubble to see contents inside

Bubble Bags – Applications:
• Ideal to bag and protect fragile items and spare parts

Bubble Bags

Code Colour Size Qty/ctn Grade Qty Unit Price(Per Ctn) Order Qty(Per Ctn)
04.031A Natural 100mm X 200mm 450/ctn BBEC1
04.032A Natural 125mm x 245mm 450/ctn Bbec2
04.033A Natural 150mm X 390mm 300/ctn Bbec3
04.034A Natural 215mm X 300mm 300/ctn Bbec4
04.035A Natural 240mm x 360mm 200/ctn BBEC5
04.036A Natural 265mm X 400mm 200/ctn Bbec6

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