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The Omni PerformX Stretch Wrap is the world’s most innovative, effective and sustainable pallet wrapping film. This stretch wrap has reinforcement’s strips; eliminating film breakages, improving load containment and reducing stretch wrap usage. Being lighter weight rolls, this stretch wrap is easier to hand apply and therefore reducing back strain. PerformX Stretch Wrap is available in hand and machine rolls to suit both pallet wrapping applications.

Eliminate Stretch Film Breakages

Stretch Film Breakages

Improve Pallet Load Containment

Pallet Load Containment

Reduce Stretch Film Usage by 50%

Stretch Film Usage by 50%

Drop Proof Rolled Edge

Drop Proof
Rolled Edge

Do you want to ELIMINATE Stretch Wrap Breakages?

Eliminate Stretch Wrap Breakages with PerformX

Fiber Reinforcement
Man using PerformX
  • With regular stretch wrap, any small puncture will tear through the entire width of the film
  • Stretch Wrap breakages are common resulting to downtime and reduced productivity
  • Tonne
  • The reinforcement strips through the film make the PerformX tear resistant, eliminating all breakages
  • No film breakages results in less wrapping downtime and increase productivity
  • The reinforcements in PerformX mean the film needs to be less than half the thickness of conversion wrap, reducing pallet wrapping costs and environmental impact
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Drop Proof Rolled Edge – PerformX Stretch Wrap

Drop Proof

If a regular roll of stretch film is dropped, the edges will be damaged causing the film to tear easily. As a result, thousands of unused rolls of stretch wrap end up in waste. This plastic wastage impacts our environment as well as adding unnecessary expenses to businesses.


Omni Group have developed a ‘rolled edge’ feature on the PerformX Stretch Wrap to solve this problem. The ends of the PerformX rolls are curved, rather than a 90 degree angle. This means so if the roll is dropped, the stretch wrap isn’t damaged and is ok to continue using.

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Improve Load Containment with PerformX Stretch Wrap

Box wrap by PerformX

Less Revolutions Required to
Secure the Load
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  • Over 50% of load damage is due to ineffective wrapping of pallets
  • The common misconception is that thicker film means it’s a stronger film and more film revolutions means your load will be more secure
  • Largely preventable damaged pallet loads cost business millions per year
  • PerformX reinforced stretch film provides 60% more load containment force than conventional film
  • The reinforcements in PerformX film acts a strong cabling around the pallet, holding the load secure
  • Halve you stretch film usage as well as increase your load containment
  • Less wrapping revolutions are required therefore higher productivity and reduced stretch wrap usage
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How much could you Save with PerformX Stretch Wrap


Halve your stretch wrap usage with PerformX and save!

5 Reasons why you need PerformX Reinforced Stretch Wrap

  1. Reducing stretch wrap usage reduces pallet wrapping cost
  2. Eliminating stretch film breakages increases warehouse productivity
  3. Halving stretch wrap usages helps save our environment
  4. Drop proof stretch wrap reduces damaged rolls and wastage
  5. Improved pallet containment force reduces costs of load damage
PerformX Save Cost
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Do you want to ELIMINATE Stretch Wrap Breakages?

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Machine & Hand PerformX Stretch Wrap

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