Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Manufactured in Italy, the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine are internationally awarded and recognized as “the most innovative pallet wrapper of the last decade”. Buying a machine may seem like a luxury purchase, a want rather than a need. The truth is an Omni Pallet Wrapper will pay for itself in several ways.

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Stretch Wrap Yield to 400%

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Labour Costs

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Back Injury

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Pallet Load Damage

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Increase Stretch Wrap Yield to

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  • Conventional stretch wrap can only stretch to maximum 200% before breaking
  • The common misconception is thicker film means it’s a stronger film
  • Stretch wrap was previously only available in 20 to 25um thickness with low stretch yield and performance
  • 400% Stretch Yield means a 2000m roll of film can be increased to over 8000m in length
  • Wrap more pallets with less film using Omni Thinner, Stronger and Longer Stretch Wrap
  • Save over 20% on wrapping costs with an film efficient pallet wrapping solution

Save Labour Costs of Manual Pallet Wrapping

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  • The time taken to manually hand wrap a pallet is over 4 minutes
  • Labour costs have increased significantly and are continuing to rise
  • Hand wrapping pallets is less effective and less efficient method
  • Automate your pallet wrapping with a machine, reducing labour costs & increasing productivity
  • Free up your staff’s time so they can focus on more important tasks
  • Machine wrapping pallets is a far more effective method compared to hand wrapping pallets

Prevent Back Injury from Manual Pallet Wrapping

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  • Permanent musculoskeletal injury can be caused by the repetitively strain of hand wrapping pallets
  • 56% of all workplace injury claims made are stains and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Warehouse workers are at least 8 times more likely to suffer back injury
  • Reduce your risk of Work Safe claims due to back injuries
  • Machine wrapping pallets is a far more efficient & effective method
  • Automate your pallet wrapping process with a machine, reducing labour costs

Reduce Your Pallet Load Damage

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  • Damaged goods cost companies millions per year as a result of incorrect pallet wrapping
  • Over 50% of pallet load damage is due to ineffective stretch wrapping
  • The common misconception is that more film revolutions means your load will be more secure
  • PerformX reinforced stretch wrap provides 60% more load containment force than conventional film
  • The correct containment force is the key to a secure pallet
  • Halve you stretch wrap usage as well as increase your load containment

Case Studies

Case Study Image

Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

Stretch Wrap Usage
Reduced by

Case Study Image

Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

Stretch Wrap Usage
Reduced by

Case Study Image

Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

Stretch Wrap Usage
Reduced by

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Pallet Wrapping Machine Unique Features

Reduces Stretch Wrap Usage by Over 50% Automatic Film Attach & Cut Off International Award Winner Automatic Tension Settings Chain Driven Turntable Custom Built Italian Made Patent Rack & Pinion System Automatic Programming Remote Control Automatic Tension Settings Programming Options Warranty & Servicing Film Roping System: Neck Down System omni-wrapping

Pallet Wrapping Machine Award Winner

Our Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

APPMA Award Winner 2015
PIDA Award Winner 2017
Mercury Award Winner 2018

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