Postage Satchels & Custom Mailing Bags

Custom Mailing Bags Available with any Print or Size.

Omni Mailing Bags have been recognized by distribution specialists as the standard of excellence for quality in protective mailers for over 25 years. Produced according to world-class standards, there are two types of Mailing Bags to choose from.

Bubble Padded Mailing Bags

Omni Bubble Padded / Cushioned Mailing Bags are engineered to be tough on the outside, while providing protective cushioning on the inside. Our products are made with Bubble Wrap cushioning, another hallmark of our commitment to product protection. All cushioned mailers are available with a self-sealing strip for added convenience. The range of Mailing Bags includes; Kraft Bubble Mailing Bags and Padded Protective Mailing Bags.

Unpadded Mailing Satchels, Courier Satchels, Utility Mailing Bags

Tough, economical and highly efficient for Non-Fragile items, Non Padded Mailers provide a puncture-proof, safe and secure means for shipping durable goods like clothing and textiles, documents and forms, and prescriptions. The range of Mailing Bags includes; Courier Satchels and Utility Mailing Bags.

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Lowest Prices Guaranteed!


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